Saturday Stuff

Yikes, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Time has really flown by these past couple days – but at the same time, I can’t believe it’s only Saturday!

Anyway, some pictures from my week:

Homemade Taco Salad

I didn’t have taco shells, nor do I have a deep fryer in my apartment, so I used tortilla chips as the base. Piled on top was lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, chicken, and guacamole. It was pretty good, but I still prefer the taco salads from mexican restaurants : )

Pumpkin Bread

{Recipe from Good Housekeeping} This was the first time I have baked something in the apartment, and what’s better than pumpkin bread in the fall?? Answer: nothing. It was so good that it may or may not already be gone… In my defense it wasn’t that big and I had some help eating it. But mostly I blame my lack of self control :p

Chicken Quesadilla

I guess I was craving Mexican food this week?? I threw together a quick lunch while the pumpkin bread was baking. I hadn’t had a quesadilla in forever and our shredded cheese was on the brink of going bad, so it seemed like a good choice. I added some chicken for substance which was leftover from the taco salad and dipped it in salsa. Pretty good for an easy lunch!

Today I’m at my schools library to get some work done use the internet because the Wi-Fi in the apartment is unbearably slow. Haven’t gotten any work done yet… but I’ve done some reading!

I’ve still got tomorrow to do my work. Isn’t that what Sundays are for??

Hope you’re having a nice weekend 🙂


Perfect Saturday

Early this morning I woke up and noticed the sunrise out my window. I was so tired, but had to get a picture – it speaks for itself, I think 🙂

I slept some more… til about noon, actually. I guess I was tired?! Then I began this wonderful day with the most amazing Greek Yogurt pancakes. For some reason, Saturday mornings seem to beg for this breakfast.

I added bananas and cinnamon to my usual recipe – I seared the bananas in the fry pan, and the flavor reminded me a lot of banana bread.

Now I am sitting in Starbucks, writing and attempting to get some work done 😛

Hoping to get out for a run before dinner, if only for the nice weather. Have a great Saturday!

Low Key Friday

Even though tonight was Friday (meaning a let’s-get-wasted-and-forget-what-happened night in college speak) I wasn’t all that interested in going out. Hannah was on the same page – none of our friends were having people over, and going to bars is just out of our budget right now.

So we went to Cambridge.

I don’t go there often, but each time I do I question why it’s not a place I frequent. It’s such a cute area with both local & chain restaurants, and a ton of places to shop. Luckily by the time we got there, most of the stores were closed – less temptation!! But we window shopped for a bit and browsed around Urban Outfitters because it was still open (& succeeded in not buying anything 🙂 ).

There were a lot of bars open that were packed and looked like a lot of fun, which I noted for the future when I might be able to afford it/ not have to sacrifice a week’s worth of groceries. I’m hoping this week I’ll hear back about a job!! It’s always more difficult than I think it will be.

How was your Friday?


Boston, You’re My Home

This weekend was nothing short of amazing. I feel like I packed in so much fun stuff in such a short amount of time. I got to see so many friends and people I hadn’t seen much since I’ve been back, ate some great food, and got into a class I wanted to take.


{Thanks Sebby!}

I went to my friends’ house in the afternoon, where we ate dinner (quesadillas) and sat by their fire. Our other friends were having a show in their basement, so we headed over there for a while. It was one of the most fun nights I’ve had in Boston… and I’ve been here for three school years. Everyone I wanted to see was there – I was always talking or catching up with someone & I got to see my friend’s band play for the first time. Overall, it was a great time.


I’ll be honest… I didn’t do much yesterday. I went back to my apartment at noon (I stayed with my friends a little outside of the city), watched Love and Other Drugs, and napped. It was a perfect lazy day. 🙂 A little more excitement at night – a MOUSE was in my room and scurried into my closet. I was a little freaked out, but decided to deal with it the next day. Turns out he escaped through a hole for wires – thank goodness. I stuffed drier sheets in the holes so my fingers are crossed he won’t be coming back.


Slept in, had a great oatmeal breakfast, and got ready for the Sox game. But first – Boloco! Tortilla chips and guac for a snack – so, so good.

I love living in Boston partly because of the pro sports. I am a huge Boston sports fan, and being 5 minutes away from Fenway Park is a big deal to me. You can find Red Sox tickets for insanely cheap ($12) online, so that’s what I did today with Hannah, Ashley, and their friend Angie.

It was a close game (we lost 😦 ), but definitely worth the $12.

To round out the evening, Hannah, Ashley & I had a great dinner – veggie burgers with a cucumber and avocado salad on the side (because you can never have enough avocado – refer back to earlier in the afternoon when I had guacamole from Boloco.) Ashley made the salad and gave me permission to share the recipe – consider yourself lucky because this is one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. AND it’s healthy.

Cucumber and Avocado Salad

  • One English cucumber, chopped
  • One whole avocado, chopped
  • 1 tbsp. ranch dressing
  • Salt to taste

Combine ingredients in bowl. Stir. Eat.

Voila. It’s so simple, you really don’t have an excuse not to try it. So when you do, let me know what you think 🙂

Anyway, now that I’ve put off my homework until 10pm on Sunday night (like any good college student), I have to work on that. Long post, but I had a lot to catch you up on!

Have a great night!