Another Quick & Easy Dinner

I’m excited to share last night’s dinner! It was a last minute meal that ended up being totally satisfying and delicious. We will definitely be making it again. And I must give credit to Hannah – she came up with the idea 🙂

On the menu: Grilled Chicken Wraps with a side of Sweet Potato

Grilled Chicken Wraps

  • Tortilla wrap
  • Grilled chicken, seasoned with salt and pepper {okay, ours was pan-fried chicken :)}
  • Preferred veggies {I used cucumber, tomato, and lettuce}
  • Feta cheese
  • Dressing {I used Poppyseed}

Fake-Bake Sweet Potato

{Since we don’t have a working oven right now, we’ve become much closer with our microwave.} To make this sweet potato, poke a few holes into the uncooked potato with a fork. Put potatoes on a microwave safe plate and cover them with a paper towel. Heat for 4 minutes. Turn potatoes over. Heat for another 4 minutes. If you have only one potato, heat for a total of 5 minutes. Each additional potato will add about 3 minutes of cook time. Serve mashed with butter and salt, or sliced {like mine above} with plain Greek Yogurt or sour cream.

Quick, easy, and delicious. Happy Friday!