Weekend Eats

I feel like I’ve had a lot of good food recently and need to share!

Starting off with breakfast – I haven’t only been eating overnight oats for breakfast. Since it’s fall, the cooler mornings make me want something warmer, like regular oats! So I had cooked oats with PB & J. Yummm 🙂

In my Chi-town mug : )

I have been mixing chia seeds into my oats when I cook them, and I’ve noticed a change in the texture {for the better!}.

Then dinner on Friday night was at b.good, a “fast food” burger joint that uses fresh ingredients and is made by people, not factories. I ordered the Avocado and Orange salad with grilled chicken, and a side of sweet potato fries. This meal was heavenly. The goat cheese on the salad was so fresh and flavorful, the avocado had just been sliced, and the chicken was straight off the grill. The fries were warm and crispy, with a chewy middle. My mouth is watering from looking at this picture.

Saturday night, I got a text from my friend Emily asking if I wanted to grab dinner at the Pour House, a pub right down the street. They have half price burgers on Saturday nights, so I got a {veggie} burger with blue cheese. AH-MAY-ZING. Seriously. And I got a tall beer for a total of…. 12 bucks!! Good deal, I’d say! No pic of the burger, and I only thought to take a picture once I was already done with my beer.

The atmosphere was very cool, though. A lot of college kids, loud music, fast-paced and busy. It was fun! We had a good time talking yelling over the music and catching up 🙂

I know what you’re thinking… I did go out to eat more than I should have this weekend, so here comes a week of frugality. Also, I just signed up for Starbucks Rewards… am I the last Starbucks customer EVER to do this?! It seems to me I will save quite a bit – my soy misto order is pricey, but with the rewards I can save 60 cents every time I get one {after I use my registered card 5 times}! I’m mad at myself for not doing this earlier. I probably would have saved hundreds…. oops!


Another Quick & Easy Dinner

I’m excited to share last night’s dinner! It was a last minute meal that ended up being totally satisfying and delicious. We will definitely be making it again. And I must give credit to Hannah – she came up with the idea 🙂

On the menu: Grilled Chicken Wraps with a side of Sweet Potato

Grilled Chicken Wraps

  • Tortilla wrap
  • Grilled chicken, seasoned with salt and pepper {okay, ours was pan-fried chicken :)}
  • Preferred veggies {I used cucumber, tomato, and lettuce}
  • Feta cheese
  • Dressing {I used Poppyseed}

Fake-Bake Sweet Potato

{Since we don’t have a working oven right now, we’ve become much closer with our microwave.} To make this sweet potato, poke a few holes into the uncooked potato with a fork. Put potatoes on a microwave safe plate and cover them with a paper towel. Heat for 4 minutes. Turn potatoes over. Heat for another 4 minutes. If you have only one potato, heat for a total of 5 minutes. Each additional potato will add about 3 minutes of cook time. Serve mashed with butter and salt, or sliced {like mine above} with plain Greek Yogurt or sour cream.

Quick, easy, and delicious. Happy Friday!

Boloco for Dinner

Having to pay for groceries, public transportation, and other little things without a job has left me with a tight budget. So far, in the two and a half weeks I’ve been at school, I have avoided going out for dinner {okay, I’ve done it once before tonight but I didn’t have a choice!}.

So after my last class today I arrived back at my apartment around 6 – dinner time. I was hungry and couldn’t decide what to make. And I knew Boloco was the answer. The burrito joint is somewhat of a phenomenon in Boston. BOston LOcal COmpany is where the name comes from – or so I’ve been told. The fast food place is all over the city {one is 3 minutes down the street from my apartment, another is ON my school campus} so I am always being tempted. They are reasonably priced, have really fresh ingredients, and you can make your order as healthy or unhealthy as you please. Needless to say, I’m a fan 🙂

I decided a burrito in a bowl was the way to go tonight, because I knew I was going to order some guacamole as a side to eat with tortilla chips. I ordered online {saving 10% by doing so} and brought my order back to my apartment.

I added my own dressing atop my salad made of: romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, sliced cucumber and tomato, grilled vegetables, black beans, and tomato salsa. I initially thought I should have ordered the next size up {I got a small – the original is bigger}, but this filled me up perfectly.

So I spent money on dinner tonight, but I didn’t spend a lot. I saved a little by using tortilla chips I already had, and I didn’t order a drink. I was smart about it, I enjoyed it, and I know it won’t become a regularity… at least until I get a job!


I have mixed feelings about Sundays. It’s still the weekend, still a day to relax with nothing on my agenda, but Monday is looming over my shoulder. My Mondays don’t start until noon, though… I have no reason to be complaining 🙂

After I left Starbucks yesterday, I ended up going for a run. Rather, I attempted to go for a run. It sucked. My right ankle started hurting soon after I began, and only got worse. I went about a mile before I decided I should stop, and completed another 1.5 miles walking. I tried to make myself feel better by thinking that at least I was outside, and I went further than I would have gone had I just stayed home. But I was still so frustrated. There are good days and bad days…

Dinner was healthy and delicious, and cheered me up a bit. I’ve been on such an avocado kick lately. I want it with everything!!


I stayed with friends last night {the same ones from this post}. A change of scenery every now and then is good. I do love waking up in my own bed, though 🙂

Working on some homework today… and job hunting. Anyone want to offer me a job right now??

Hope your weekend was relaxing!



Quick Dinner

I am constantly searching for simple dinner recipes that are satisfying and don’t skimp on flavor. Tonight I had a classic favorite – refried bean wraps.

Refried Bean Wraps

  • Refried beans
  • Whole grain rice
  • Shredded cheese
  • Wheat tortilla wraps
  • Plain Greek Yogurt
  • Tomatoes
  • Lettuce

Begin rice preparation (I had some already made in the fridge). Heat refried beans on the stove. Chop veggies – you can add any that you please, of course. Warm the tortilla wraps by putting them in paper towel and microwave for approximately 1 minute. Assemble the ingredients onto the wrap – a blob of beans, a scoop of rice, a heap sprinkle of shredded cheese, and a pile of veggies. Make sure you can still fold the wrap! Or it can get messy… although sometimes that’s better 🙂 Dip into plain greek yogurt (or sour cream)! Quick & delicious.

Bon appétit!

One Week Down

Getting acclimated to being back at school and adjusting my sleep schedule has definitely taken a toll on my blog. I plan on getting it back up to a post a day soon – as well as bringing back Mood Board Mondays and Wednesday Trends.

Thanks for bearing with me!!

On to tonight’s dinner – Quinoa Salad with Chicken and Vegetables

{Horrible picture quality – I apologize! I was sooo hungry I didn’t even attempt to take a nice photo.}

Quinoa Salad

  • Lettuce, chopped tomato, cucumber
  • Quinoa (already prepared)
  • Sautéed chicken, red pepper, onions, and mushrooms

Top cold vegetables with quinoa (mine was chilled). Then put warm ingredients on top. I splashed on some Poppyseed dressing – so good. I wish I had an avocado, but the one in my fridge wasn’t ripe enough – bummer! Otherwise, this dish was filling and great both flavor- and texture-wise. With all the quinoa left over, I will definitely be making it again.

Despite my fullness, Hannah, her gf, & I were in the mood for something sweet. We ventured down the road a bit to go to Red Mango, a froyo place similar to Pinkberry. I saw online that they had a pumpkin spice flavor and I was sold . {If you didn’t know, I’m a huge fan of pumpkin} 🙂

Well, major disappointment. The Red Mango we went to didn’t have pumpkin spice! So I got original with berries and coconut – still delicious.

I’ll just have to go back when they get pumpkin!

Tomorrow today is Friday which means the first week of school has come to an end. One week down, a million fourteen to go 😛

Garlicky Flavor

The salad I made for myself tonight was definitely one of best I’ve had in a while (aside from at restaurants).

I put olive oil in a fry pan and let it heat up while I cut up a red bell pepper. I put the pepper, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and garlic into the fry pan. There was some leftover grilled chicken in the fridge, so I added that to the pan to heat up and get some more flavor.

Look at all the garlic! I put the sauteed mixture on spinach and added some salt. So good.

Rounded out with a sweet clementine – a tiny one 🙂

Have a nice night!