Weekend Wishes

It’s been a while but on the bright side I’ve built up quite a list 😉

I heart running necklace


side note: check out all of abella blue’s jewelry – it’s amazing!

Overpriced Tapestry/Unrealistic want of the week


Leather trim Peacoat

Collection leather-trim peacoat


Cole Haan Tote


side note: this is not just a wishlist item – it’s a NEED! hi mom 🙂

And lastly:

No, not a television. CABLE. We don’t have cable here in the apartment… and I feel lame saying this, but I miss it! It’s just an expense that we can’t afford or rationalize right now. HGTV, I’ll see you at Thanksgiving. As for my favorite shows, the internet will have to do. Although the wifi here has been excruciatingly slow. {I went to download something and it said it would be complete in 25 days…} ANYWAY, complaining is done 🙂

Have a great weekend!