Boloco for Dinner

Having to pay for groceries, public transportation, and other little things without a job has left me with a tight budget. So far, in the two and a half weeks I’ve been at school, I have avoided going out for dinner {okay, I’ve done it once before tonight but I didn’t have a choice!}.

So after my last class today I arrived back at my apartment around 6 – dinner time. I was hungry and couldn’t decide what to make. And I knew Boloco was the answer. The burrito joint is somewhat of a phenomenon in Boston. BOston LOcal COmpany is where the name comes from – or so I’ve been told. The fast food place is all over the city {one is 3 minutes down the street from my apartment, another is ON my school campus} so I am always being tempted. They are reasonably priced, have really fresh ingredients, and you can make your order as healthy or unhealthy as you please. Needless to say, I’m a fan 🙂

I decided a burrito in a bowl was the way to go tonight, because I knew I was going to order some guacamole as a side to eat with tortilla chips. I ordered online {saving 10% by doing so} and brought my order back to my apartment.

I added my own dressing atop my salad made of: romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, sliced cucumber and tomato, grilled vegetables, black beans, and tomato salsa. I initially thought I should have ordered the next size up {I got a small – the original is bigger}, but this filled me up perfectly.

So I spent money on dinner tonight, but I didn’t spend a lot. I saved a little by using tortilla chips I already had, and I didn’t order a drink. I was smart about it, I enjoyed it, and I know it won’t become a regularity… at least until I get a job!