Autobiographical Sitcoms

Recently, I was discussing the show Girls with some friends. We were talking about the episode “One Man’s Trash” where Hannah (Lena Dunham) sleeps with Joshua, a guy she just met, and then stays with him for the next couple days, forgoing all of her responsibilities, etc. Joshua (Patrick Wilson) is much older, and extremely attractive. It was hard for all of us to believe that someone like Hannah Horvath could have an encounter with such an attractive, successful older man. 

However, we started talking about how Girls is, in large part, an autobiography of Dunham’s life, so perhaps something like this actually did happen to her. Which brought us into another conversation – what if we were able to turn our everyday lives into a sitcom? Funny, strange, and unexpected things happen to everyone, and we certainly have had our share of, ahem, experiences within our circle of friends. Of course, all we would have to do is jot down some of our more interesting conversations, or log an event that might classify as not-so-normal. Then, with a little exaggeration and a few tweaks here and there, the stories might be just as hysterical to outsiders as they are to our friends. It would definitely be an interesting project as we have already thought of many circumstances that have the potential to turn into something hilarious.


Back For Now

To say it’s been a while since my last post is an understatement… I guess my sad excuse is that senior year happened. But in all honesty, I haven’t been that busy. Maybe I was beginning to feel like I wasn’t writing for myself anymore.

Lately, though, I’ve been having the urge to return to ye olde blog. So, for now at least, I’m back. I wish I could say I have a lot to share from these past few months, but honestly there isn’t a lot. 

I guess one of the biggest updates is that I am trying out a new diet. I felt that my weight was getting out of control and I was far too unhealthy. My gravatar picture is from a couple years ago, when I was much, much thinner. Glad to report, though, that so far I have lost 15 pounds. I have a ways to go, but my clothes are fitting me better and that’s motivating me to keep going. I’m hoping to work some kind of frequent exercise into my schedule soon, too.

I have less than 3 months until graduation. I’m just beginning to recognize how much of a change that will be. No school? I don’t remember what life was like without it! I’m not planning on a master’s right away, so who knows when I’ll be a student again. It will be a strange transition for sure.

Anyway, this is my quick introduction back into the blog world. Looking forward to it!