I have mixed feelings about Sundays. It’s still the weekend, still a day to relax with nothing on my agenda, but Monday is looming over my shoulder. My Mondays don’t start until noon, though… I have no reason to be complaining 🙂

After I left Starbucks yesterday, I ended up going for a run. Rather, I attempted to go for a run. It sucked. My right ankle started hurting soon after I began, and only got worse. I went about a mile before I decided I should stop, and completed another 1.5 miles walking. I tried to make myself feel better by thinking that at least I was outside, and I went further than I would have gone had I just stayed home. But I was still so frustrated. There are good days and bad days…

Dinner was healthy and delicious, and cheered me up a bit. I’ve been on such an avocado kick lately. I want it with everything!!


I stayed with friends last night {the same ones from this post}. A change of scenery every now and then is good. I do love waking up in my own bed, though 🙂

Working on some homework today… and job hunting. Anyone want to offer me a job right now??

Hope your weekend was relaxing!




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