Low Key Friday

Even though tonight was Friday (meaning a let’s-get-wasted-and-forget-what-happened night in college speak) I wasn’t all that interested in going out. Hannah was on the same page – none of our friends were having people over, and going to bars is just out of our budget right now.

So we went to Cambridge.

I don’t go there often, but each time I do I question why it’s not a place I frequent. It’s such a cute area with both local & chain restaurants, and a ton of places to shop. Luckily by the time we got there, most of the stores were closed – less temptation!! But we window shopped for a bit and browsed around Urban Outfitters because it was still open (& succeeded in not buying anything 🙂 ).

There were a lot of bars open that were packed and looked like a lot of fun, which I noted for the future when I might be able to afford it/ not have to sacrifice a week’s worth of groceries. I’m hoping this week I’ll hear back about a job!! It’s always more difficult than I think it will be.

How was your Friday?



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