In a Rut

In case it’s not already clear, I’ve been in a serious rut lately in regards to this blog. I am an avid blog reader, and currently I feel like I have such a lack of focus and direction as to what I want to write about. I have been reading some of my favorite bloggers who have just had a baby (and here), went on vacation to Hawaii, or are training for a marathon. It’s easy, as an aspiring blogger, to doubt that I have an interesting enough life that people will want to read about it. However, I honestly think leading an interesting life is not a requirement of successful blogging. It’s how you present your material, and how you can engage others to feel like they relate to you. Being easy to relate to is a huge factor as to why I stay loyal to a blog. This reiterates the idea that being an average person is not a detriment in the blog world – it actually helps you.

Anyway, now that this has turned into somewhat of a brain dump, I want to make a promise to my readers & myself that I will not give up on this blog. Despite my lack of posting and content lately, I am going to try my best to produce worthwhile material and present it in a pleasing way, all the while attempting to figure out where I want to take this blog. I am all about presentation, and my crappy iPhone pictures do not portray this at all. I love photography, I love taking pictures, and I have a nice camera to do so – it’s pure laziness as to why I don’t showcase this! It’s just inexcusable.

I have many different interests (fashion, interior decorating, photography, food, etc.), so that’s why I feel like I this blog does not have a clear direction. I am going to be working on a title, as well as hopefully purchasing a domain soon, which I believe will help me hone in on a certain niche. Once I do this, I think I will be more comfortable promoting my blog through social media, something I currently avoid due to a lack of confidence.

Now I want to ask you guys – how did you find your blogging stride? I’ve often heard you should write about something that you would want to read. But my problem is that I read a plethora of blogs on different topics!! Any advice for someone just starting out?!

Sorry for the wordy post – just wanted to get my thoughts out! I’ll be back in later with a post on my lunch – I’m planning a good one 🙂


2 thoughts on “In a Rut

  1. Everyone goes through ruts sometimes! I have days where I feel like I have nothing to write about! Don’t feel bad about it, it’s normal 🙂 Just stay true to you! I’m sure people are already getting sick of me talking about pumpkins and fall, but I’m not sick of it, so that’s what I’ve been writing about! You’ll find that groove, don’t worry!

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