Simple & Delicious Meals

I knew it would be an adventure cooking my own meals – I’ve always either lived at home with my parents or in a dorm with a meal plan. Of course, I’ve made dinner for myself more than a few times, but never for months at a time. I’m happy to report, though, so far, so good!

Hannah and I have a great routine for cooking food – it just happened to work out that I love to cook, so Hannah will do prep, and I’ll sauté or stir fry. Anyway, here are our first three meals!

Pasta with Chicken and Vegetables (& Pumpkinhead!)

Salad with Chicken and Refried Beans

Veggie Pizza (Hannah’s side had Pepperoni)

Funny story about this pizza. It was our first time using the oven, though we have used the stove multiple times and it’s worked fine. We turned the dial to 350°, put the pizza in, and checked it 10 minutes later. I assumed it would be close to done – I could smell the gas so I figured that it was heating up quickly.

But the cheese was still completely unmelted.

I stuck my hand in the oven – it was cold. After messing around with the heat settings for a few minutes, it was clear we weren’t going to get it to work tonight. So what did we do? Microwaved it, of course! I’ve never made pizza in the microwave, but it was surprisingly good. It didn’t have the toasty-ness of an oven baked pizza, but it worked.

Anyway, I’m hoping we can get the oven fixed soon!

First day of classes tomorrow 🙂


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