Tastes of Maine

So for Emily’s first day, it seemed appropriate to bring her to Becky’s Diner. Why not start her visit off with a complete immersion into Maine culture? She got a burger, I got a grilled veggie slider – both with french fries on the side. I’ll admit, it was my first time eating at Becky’s myself, and it definitely lived up to my expectations. Although, I guess you haven’t really experienced Becky’s if you haven’t had their breakfast. So I suppose I’ll have to return at some point for some pancakes. 🙂


After, we walked around the Old Port for a while and checked out the sale in Urban Outfitters, a popcorn store on Exchange St., and a cool jewelry store called Toko Indo.

Urban Outfitters Jewelry Stand (Birthday list idea?!)

Colorful rings at Toko Indo

Beal’s was calling our name, so we stepped into the ice cream shop for a treat. Indicative of our personal tastes, I got a Reese’s Cup flavored ice cream, while Em got an Oreo frappe.

Em & Me

We had a relaxing night in after a family dinner. Em and I rented My Week With Marilyn – it was pretty good. I’d recommend it. Now we are getting ready for a full day tomorrow!


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