Craft To-Do List

When I’m bored, I generally like to check out Pinterest for some great DIY and craft ideas. Currently, I am working on a cork board made of wine corks. A friend who is a bartender brought me a giant bag of corks, and I have been acquiring others from  my mom and friends. This might have been a better project for someone of legal drinking age. 😛 I’m almost done – will post pics once it’s complete. This is what it should come out to look like:

Although, in mine, all the corks are in the same direction. Something else I’ve been eyeing on Pinterest is a magnet board made from a cookie sheet. I have to find a cheap, flat cookie sheet (maybe at the dollar store?), get some cute fabric, and voila! So simple.

Having an actual apartment to move into, rather than a dorm, is making me so excited for decorating. As an avid HGTV viewer, I can actually take some of the neat ideas I see and apply them now!

I have an old black dresser and have been searching for ways to repurpose it, while still using it for traditional purposes. I came across the cutest idea, and definitely am going to have to make it a project.

What are some cool craft ideas you’ve seen lately?


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