21 in 2012

Yesterday I celebrated my 21st birthday! Hence the busy day 🙂

It was a great day full of friends


and dessert

Thanks to my wonderful friends for making my 21st a special one!


How to Fail at Losing Weight

Eat free donuts that someone brings into work.

I kid, but really… I walked into my internship this morning and, oh! HELLO box of delicious, Italian bakery style donuts with a note saying “Help yourself :)”

I resisted all morning. My breakfast of oatmeal kept me satisfied through lunch. But after lunch – that’s another story. I got up to go to the bathroom and stopped by the donuts on the way back. I stared longingly while having an internal battle, (weight loss triumphed) then continued to my cubicle. I got up to stretch my legs an hour later, then stopped by the donuts again. That’s when I saw it. The mouth-watering, sugar covered, childhood favorite vanilla creme-filled donut. Come ON are you KIDDING me?! I felt my knees go weak along with my willpower. I reached for the donut. It was big. I’m talking, bigger-than-my-hand, made-fresh-that-morning kind of thing. I tore off a piece, making sure that I got some of the vanilla creme (it’s the star of the show, people) and took my first bite. I’m not kidding you when I say, I had truly not experienced happiness before that moment. Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but just a little one. The doughy, sugary, creamy treat LITERALLY melted on my tongue. Ugh. Why is food this good so, so bad for us? It’s just cruel.

Anyway, I was satisfied with my little torn off piece. (If I’m being totally honest, I was *this* close to picking up the entire box, booking it out of the office – stolen treats in tow – and eating them so fast that no one even noticed I was gone.) My pride would not allow me to do so, however, so here I am, stuck back at square one, sitting in my cubicle with the knowledge that there is the most heavenly tasting donut just waiting to be scarfed down enjoyed a few feet away.

Intern Eats

My favorite thing about going to work is having somewhat of a routine:

Coffee, an apple, and a list get me through the morning.

The saddest turkey sandwich I ever did see {it tasted great, though!}

The only way I’ll drink enough water – if it’s cold and I have a straw

5 Thoughts for Thursday

1. I suck at motivating myself to take and upload nice photos. It’s too easy for me to just snap pictures with my phone. I need to change that! Goal: use my camera more to take food pics and for documenting (especially weekend happenings).

2. I’m more than ready to move into my apartment. I am very independent and living with my parents for the summer has been quite a shock. And not because we get in fights or there are too many rules (they are actually very lenient), but because I simply like being on my own and feeling like an adult.

3. I’m both excited and nervous about the fact that I don’t have any idea where I will be a year from now. It all depends on a job and money.

4. Lately, I feel I have had a renewed sense of creativity. I have more ideas and that has made me more confident in my work. I’m hoping it continues!

5. While Emily was here, I had too much ice cream [I didn’t think that was possible]. So I need to take a break for a while. Lots of ice cream = tight jeans. No fun! Last night I was supposed to go with the family, but it fell through. No complaints here!

Hope you’re having a great Thursday!


See You Laters

Verdict on Drive: more of a guy’s movie. Extremely graphic and violent, and not enough romance. Although Ryan Gosling was excellent as usual 🙂 And the soundtrack is something I will definitely be getting soon – loved the music.

For dinner, I let Emily take the reins. We had limited options, but ended up with sautéed green beans, zucchini, summer squash, and red peppers; white rice, and a veggie burger.

The flavor was amazing thanks to chopped garlic and soy sauce. Thanks Em!! We had a great time during her visit – the days were filled with fun activities and yummy food! I’ll see you soon, Emily 🙂

Back to work tomorrow!

Forced off the Beach

To cross off another thing on the list, I brought Emily to the beach this morning. We packed a lunch {pizza leftovers} and headed out. We were on the beach for a good 30-40 minutes when this happened:


So just as we had unpacked everything, we packed everything back up, and headed home. The beach didn’t want us, but Redbox was calling our names. We are sitting down to watch Drive now before a homemade dinner later.

Hope your Tuesday is going well!